Personal Trainer

Experts claim that having a personal trainer has several benefits. Majority of individuals who have a personal trainer are more disciplined in regards to the gym schedule and the motivation is higher. DpRental therefore offers you services of Jorge Gutierrez who is a personal trainer in several DiR Gyms in Barcelona. Jorge is a certified personal trainer with years of experience who assure you the quality and safety when exercising. Your personal trainer will try his best to create your personal plan with appropriate intensity of the exercises taking into consideration your general physical condition and your goal you are aiming to achieve. You can request a personal assistance of Jorge with us, either within your comfortable homes or directly in one of the DiR gym. Please contact us on for the requests. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information as well. 1 2

Personalized or individual Hatha Yoga & Massages

Yoga is not only about the physical exercises, however, more importantly yoga helps positively influencing the mind and emotions. The postures (Asanas) promote concentration and mental focus. Yoga is the path that leads to self-awareness, understanding and self-knowledge. Moreover, it is estimated that the majority of the disease is related to everyday stress. One of the methods to manage the level of stress is a regular massage by an expert. Massages help to alleviate back pain, to enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow, increase joint flexibility and lower depression or anxiety. Massages are also great after intensive work-out or long-lasting attraction tours in Barcelona. DpRental offers you yoga classes and massages , which are tailored to your specific needs and times. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or requests on 3

Healthy Food Delivery

Healthy meals are designed with fresh ingredients and love with a purpose of living a healthy lifestyle. DpRental offers you a healthy food delivery with a variety of the portions. The meals are assigned according to your special preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us when interested on for more information. 4